When dining with your man, taking the meat first is disrespectful, a Nigerian man advises ladies.

According to a Nigerian guy, it is a “sign of contempt” for women to eat their meat first when dining with their boyfriends or husbands.

No matter how many pieces of meat are in the meal, the young man, known as Uncle Sarm on the microblogging site Twitter, stated in his post that a lady should wait for her spouse to choose first before she may eat meat.

He emphasized that it is impolite for a lady to have meat before her companion while they are sharing a meal.

Read his post below;

“When eating with your boyfriend/husband, no matter how many pieces of meat in the food, do not take meat first, it’s a sign of disrespect.”

Responding, a Twitter user @thatijawgirl wrote below,

“See rubbish talk. My boyfriend knows I don’t joke with meat. If there are 5 pcs, I own 3. Ten years down with 3 children, boyfriend now hubby does not even drag it. Y’all be giving nonsense takes based on selfishness.”

Another Twitter user @femmehuman wrote,

“You people’s parents must really be terrible people cos how did you get all this nonsense upbringings? So if your momma finishes eating before your dad, she will wash hand, wait for him to finish eating and collecting meat before she can eat meat? Ndi ara”.

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