A Nigerian man writes, “I ask for grace to always love my wife and never consider having a sexual relationship with another woman.”

Emmanuel Okorie, a happily married Nigerian guy, begged for the ability to always love his wife and to withstand temptation to cheat on her.

This honest plea was offered by the father of three as he shared gorgeous pictures from his wife’s maternity session.

He claims that he and his wife have been together for five years and that he is pleading with God for the grace to stay faithful to her.

He adds that he prays fervently for all men to respect their wives and avoid becoming sidetracked.

Read his Facebook post below;

“It’s not by power nor by might. I pray for grace to always love my wife and never think of sleeping with another woman. We have passed five years and by God’s grace, we are still standing on our vows. More grace Lord. It is also my earnest prayer that all men appreciate their wives and stay away from distractions.

“Dear fellow man, God will help you if you want to stay pure, but the truth is, many men don’t want to be faithful….E go vex some of you, but I don’t care!!” 

See more pictures of Emmanuel and his wife below,

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