Man Caught On Camera Killing His Co-worker With Gas Cylinder

A man identified as Rafael Vilcatoma Arone has murdered his co-worker Mr Abraham Lucano Huarcaya, when they were both working at a gas distributor. The violent scene was recorded by security cameras.

The images show the moment in which the victim, initials HLA, labeled and arranged the empty cylinders very concentrated. Moments later, he turned his back on his executioner, who took advantage of the moment of distraction to take one of the gas values ​​and smashed it at his head.

Not contented with this, the criminal hit his colleague’s face several more times, until he was lifeless and lying on the floor. After committing the murder, he decided to flee quickly; however, agents of the National Police have captured him in record time and then transferred him to the city dependency.

The incident occurred on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 in the morning hours in Ayacucho city, south-central Peru It is known that Rafael Vilcatoma was interrogated to find out the reason that led him to fatally attack his co-worker.

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