Firefighters in the US stormed a Nigerian man’s home when a fire alarm went off while he was preparing Jollof rice, leaving him perplexed.

The Jollof rice a Nigerian man who lives abroad was preparing caused a commotion in the building where he lives, leaving him perplexed.

The Nigerian guy, a filmmaker, shared on his Instagram page how he was frying chicken for Jollof rice when it started to get quite smokey, setting off the fire alarm system.

The man was unsure of how to inform the occupants, who had already left the building due to the alarm, that it was his cooking that had sparked the alert after realizing there was no other fire and that it was his smoke that had triggered the alarm.

In the footage he posted, building residents can be seen making their way to a gathering area in preparation for the arrival of firefighters, who quickly ambushed the scene.

Read what the man wrote below:

“How my sunday jollof rice cooking got Washington DC running to my apartment… when you see the jollof rice on the last slide plz tell me if it’s worth all this trouble”

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