After DNA tests proved that all five of her children are not her husband’s, the wife claims, “The results were erroneous.”

A mother of five has reacted after learning that none of her children are biologically connected to her husband, according to DNA testing done on the youngsters.

The couple had been married for thirty years, and their eldest child was 32 years old, according to a Twitter user named @Meyeownboss who shared the story on the micro-blogging site.

Recently, paternity tests were performed on the kids. Sadly, the findings revealed that the husband does not have any of the couple’s five children.

According to @Meyeownboss, when questioned, the wife defended herself by claiming that the findings of the five DNA tests were inaccurate.

Read the tweet below;

“I’m back here to say I watched an interview with a 55yr old man married over 30 years 5 children, youngest being 15yrs oldest being 32yrs… None… I repeat, none were his. When confronted the wife said all the dna tests were wrong. I repeat, she said, ALL 5 DNA TESTS WERE WRONG.” 

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