“No Stress Us”: Lovely Video Emerges As Nigerian Man Refuses to Kneel Down And Engage His Girl, Causes Stir

The moment a Nigerian guy declined to get on one knee to propose to his fiancée was captured on a viral video.

The man claimed that there was no need to bow down because he had simply given the woman the ring and instructed her to put it on by herself.

Additionally, the man advised the woman to put the ring on her wedding finger rather than her engagement finger.

Without hesitation, his girlfriend followed through and even seemed to be enjoying herself as she proceeded to giggle heartily.

The video has divided opinions on Instagram where it was reposted by @gossipmilltv. While some agreed with the man that there was no need to kneel while proposing, others said it does not show respect.

See some of the reactions below:

@joelilyofficial said:

“It’s d shout small wow for me.”

@benbills007 commented:

“He’s rushing to go and open his shop abeg, he don’t have time to waste and be kneeling down and waiting for her to act surprised and all that..So please just take it and shout small wow.”

@chayyahs_kitchen said:

“This man no get problem at all. No be all this kind over serous guy.”

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