ASUU strike: Final year medical student turns street food vendor in Sokoto

Due to the ongoing faculty strike, Usman Abubakar-Rimi, a final-year medical and surgical student at Usmanu Danfodiyo University Sokoto (UDUS), has started buying meals from a street seller.

According to Abubakar-Rimi, who spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria on Friday, September 9, the project was born out of a desire to lead a productive life after the strike rendered students unemployed.

The student who runs a restaurant and noodle shop in the Diplomat neighborhood of Sokoto city claimed that the Academic Staff Union of Universities’ (ASUU) continuing extended strike provided him with the perfect chance.

According to Mr. Abubakar-Rimi, a plate of food sells for N200 and above, depending on the customer’s demands.

He explained that he owns another shop on Fodio road also in the Sokoto metropolis where he sells men and women’s clothing, caps, student bags, and shoes.

“I am always happy to see that I become an employer of labour as at present I engaged 10 persons in the two shops. I relied on the shops for handsome incomes, because I don’t ask my parents for any money in spite of the fact that schools were closed,”

Abubakar-Rimi said he did not access any loan or youths empowerment scheme to embark on the businesses.

“However, I utilized the opportunity of COVID-19 lockdown, during the pandemic and started an egg and chicken distribution business where I had made contacts with restaurants for the supply. I also obtained the eggs and chickens from large scale farms from small amounts to higher quantity suppliers, from the proceeds I started the two businesses, ” Mr Abubakar-Rimi add

He added the businesses had a lot of prospects and encouraged youths to think on ways to utilise their time and venture into viable initiatives.

He further explained that when the school resumes the businesses would be sustained and combined with the academic activities.

“I designed a sustainability plan where registers were opened for maximum record keeping, supply chain and other management procedures,” he said. 

According to him, the advantages of online platforms ensured that they run and manage their businesses properly using cell phones which facilitate contacts.

“With the lucrative opportunities provided by the businesses, envisage to continue with the ventures even after my graduation,”

“When I become a Medical Doctor, I envisage to engage in work that will not be too time consuming because at present, I have begun to lose hope on a salary earning job. I want to establish a pharmacy, work in a private hospital as well as engage in private initiated-businesses relevant to my profession,” Mr Abubakar-Rimi explained.

He advised students to utilise their free times to engage in businesses, stressing that the present online services provided a lot of opportunities to leverage on.

The student called on President Muhammadu Buhari to find a lasting solution to impending strikes in the interest of youths and the country’s progress

He further appealed to the lecturers to consider the students’ plights and resolve the issue with some offers by the Federal Government as the effects of strikes bite harded on all categories of Nigerians. 

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