4-years-old Decomposing Body Found Inside Bedroom In Ibadan (Photos)

The discover of a man’s decaying remains in his bedroom after four years has shocked resident of Apete in Ibadan.

The deceased, whose name remined unknown at the time of publication, was claimed to have observed by neighbors four years ago during one of his periodic trip to Ibadan from Portharcourt, Rivers State, where he was living at the time.

The cause of his death has not been determined, but resident in the area told newsmen that no one in the area was aware of the incident until this week, when the community decided to enter the compound to cut the video overgrown grass inside his compound, which has become a heaven for snackes and other wildlife.

It was discovered that the men hired to trim the grass in the dead compound were advised to leap into the compound because the house’s gate was close from inside, only to discover that the house owner’s car was in the compound and had been covered with grass.

According to eyewitness, after successfully clearing the grass, the peeped through the window and spotted the skeleton of the decayed victim on his bed with a phone in his hand.

Officers from Oyo State Police Command are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the event.

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