Woman Arrested For Assaulting 2-year-old Child

This woman who has been identify as Dorothy Nabulime, who leaves in Uganda has committed a very deadly atrocity, Dorothy the 22 year-old mother was seen assaulting her 2 year-old daughter in a video clip that was recorded by her neighbour.

In the video, Dorothy Neighbour captured the exact moment when she was assaulting her 2 year-old, According to report, Dorothy was seen in a 1:56 minute video, when she beating the little child repeatedly with a shoe while hurling all sorts of sharp words at the child.

The child, a two-year-old, falls out of the basin, onto the verandah, and down onto the ground, headfirst – but the bitter woman continues to beat her vigorously with the shoe, asking her to get up and bathe.

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