OAP Maria Okan responds to charges that she accepted cash from accused baby daddy Olamide to end her pregnancy: “I never sought for or received money to murder a child.” She said

Maria Okan, a media celebrity, has once again resorted to social media to deny allegations that she solicited funds from her presumed baby father, Olamide, in order to induce abortion in Asaiah Monifé Maria Okanrende, her daughter.

This comes after she cleared up the rumor online a few hours prior by saying that no one had ever given her money to get an abortion.

She also made a suggestion that she was a single parent who was parenting her daughter by herself without the support of her daughter’s father.

Background: Three years ago, rumors circulated that she was expecting a child for her rumored ex, Nigerian rapper Olamide, and that he had given her money so she could leave the country and end the pregnancy.

Maria has now spoken out to deny the rumor, claiming that neither she nor anyone else ever offered her money to “kill her child.”

She continued by saying she didn’t understand why people were upset with her for keeping the child rather than aborting her.

Sharing on Twitter on Tuesday morning, read what she tweeted below,

“Good morning. I was never OFFERED, I never ASKED, nor did I RECEIVE money to murder a child. I heard that story for the 1st time when you all did – when I was 8 months pregnant. You say I made the wrong choice to carry life, and I should’ve opted for murder? Pele. I love motherhood.”

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