Mother of a 16-year-old girl who killed herself in the dorm after being accused of stealing pencils said, “I took my child to school not graveyard.”

Francisca Dokee, a 16-year-old girl, committed herself a few days ago after being accused of stealing pencils, and her mother, Magdalene Mueni, is seeking justice.

After being accused of stealing a package of pencils and Sh2,500, the deceased, a form 3 student at Tala Girls’ High School in Matungulu, Machakos County, hanged herself.

After the school’s deputy principal allegedly requested her to return items she had been accused of stealing, she is believed to have hanged herself in one of the dormitories.

The victim was discovered on Wednesday, August 31, 2022, dangling from the toilet’s rafts, according to Matungulu deputy sub-county police commander Evans Mose, who confirmed the occurrence.

Speaking about the alleged incident that caused her daughter’s death, the bereaved mother said that her daughter had a pure and innocent soul and that she had been raised with Christian principles and never had any behavioral issues.

The youngster allegedly “accepted” to return the materials, according to the school’s administration. The dorm prefect, who was supposed to provide her keys so she could retrieve the belongings, is then reported to have been instructed to seek for the girl.

“The student took too long to come back, thus making the deputy principal suspicious. She proceeded to the dorm in the company of three other students only to find the student’s body,” the police said in a report filed at Tala Police Station.

In order to start their investigations, police were promptly called to the spot. The body of the student was sent to the Kangundo Hospital Mortuary.

The discovery of a suicide note among the student’s belongings raises more concerns about what transpired.

The kid mentions nothing about the Sh2,500 that the school’s administration claimed she had been accused of stealing in the suicide letter she wrote to her mother; instead, she only talks about pencils and how she was never given the chance to defend herself.

“I told you guys that I am not responsible for the lost pencils but you will still not believe me as you insist I am the one, ” 

Speaking to reporters on Friday, September 2, outside the Kangundo Level 4 Hospital morgue in Machakos, widow Mueni requested an explanation from the school for why her daughter committed suicide.

She charged that the school administration handled the circumstances that resulted in her daughter’s murder carelessly and with carelessness.

“I took my child to school, not to mortuary. I don’t know what my child did. I’m told she committed suicide, but I don’t know. I want to know. That soul is innocent, let it rest in peace. I accept she is gone. As a mother I can say she was a good child. I have never seen her with bad habits,” Mueni explained.

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