NSCDC personnel allegedly assaults woman in Plateau state

In Jos, Plateau state, a member of the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence Corps, or NSCDC, is charged with attacking a business owner named Mrs. Joy Owolabi.

She sustained major damage to her eyes as well as other areas of her body as a result of the event that took place at the Nanmwa Junction, Abattoir area in Jos South local government area on Friday, September 2.

NSCDC personnel allegedly assaults woman in Plateau state

According to Vanguard, the unidentified staff member had previously visited the betting office next to the victim’s shop last month and parked his official motorcycle in front of Mrs. Owolabi’s shop, blocking her entrance. This was before the incident on Friday. She claimed that after calling his attention to re-park the motorcycle, she was ignored and a fight broke out.

The employee reportedly returned to the betting shop with his colleague on that Friday and parked his motorcycle in the same spot where the woman had complained. He and the business owner had a verbal exchange as a result of the incident.

The victim and some witnesses claim that instead of correctly parking his motorcycle, the suspect attacked the girl, threw her to the ground, and then began whipping her with a wire as neighbors and bystanders helplessly looked on. Since the attacker and his accomplice were armed, no one could save the woman.

Mrs. Owolabi described her trauma and claimed that no one could have saved her because the NSCDC employees and his colleague were armed.

“I was in my shop on the 2nd of September, 2022, at about noon, I saw two men in uniform, they were from the Nigerian Security and Civil Defense Corps, they rode into my shop. One stood by the roadside and the second one came to the entrance of my shop.

“They came with an official motorcycle, when the man parked, blocking the entrance of my shop, I went and met him and said please, help me re-park this motorcycle because the way you parked, I cannot enter the shop,”

“My neighbour who is the Manager also came out and saw the way the man parked the motorcycle; he started pleading with the man to re-park it. As we were talking, the man punched me in my left eye and I fell to the ground

“As I was trying to stand up, he punched me in the second eye. He removed the wire and started flogging me. They came in armed so people were afraid of coming to my rescue and when this thing was going on, people were just watching. After flogging me, the two of them left with the motorcycle. When they left, I locked my shop and went to their office which is not far from my shop to report.” 

Another shop owner who did not want to be mentioned told the publication; “This is somebody’s wife that this boy beat like an animal because he is wearing a uniform. We were scared of going close for fear of being shot. It appears that the boy is on something, apart from getting justice for the woman, he should be fished out and punished to save the woman in his life. It could be that is the manner he is flogging them at home.”

He appealed that the NSCDC should not sweep the incident under the carpet in the guise of not being able to identify the culprit, saying, “the owner of the shop that he used to enter can help to identify him.”

At the time of this report, the victim was still receiving treatment at a hospital in Jos as she is feeling severe pains all over her body.

It was also gathered that the victim was asked to return on Monday as all personnel on a motorcycle would be presented for her to “identify” who assaulted her.

When contacted, Public Relations Officer of the corps in the state, DSC Madaki Longbit said he was not aware of the incident but would find out on Monday.

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