“From Primary School to ‘I Do’”: Amazing Photos of Couple Who Met When They Were Kids Went Viral

A lovely wedding attended by relatives and friends united a couple whose paths had crossed in elementary school.

In grade 10, Brianna Ragbeer and Romane Cameron matriculated together and started dating in high school.

The wedding took place privately on August 6 in Portmore, St. Catherine, Jamaica.

While some people spend their entire lives looking for their true love, a couple whose paths crossed in primary school wed in a stunning ceremony.

In grade 10, Brianna Ragbeer and Romane Cameron graduated together and started dating in high school.

Now that they recently exchanged vows in a lovely wedding ceremony, their love is in full force.

Brianna recalled their first date at a cinema, where they both took to their shared passion and watched a movie.

Since then, the couple has made the mutual love for the big screen a frequent romantic spot to rekindle their desire for each other.

Not even distance could separate them after Brianna migrated to the United States. With neither party wanting to end things, they continued the relationship virtually for two years.

After being together for seven years, Romane asked the love of his life to be his wife.

Brianna flew in for the holidays in December last year to an amazing surprise at home, where Romane had devised a plan to propose to her.

”I got down on one knee and asked her, ‘Will you marry me?’ and she said yes”, said Romane, according to The Cleaner.

The budding bride planned her own wedding with the help of close family members and friends, and on August 6, Brianna and Romane tied the knot in a private ceremony in Portmore, St Catherine.

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