Couples Having Sex In Their Car Interrupted By Robbers Who Chased Them Out Naked

A couple having sex on the back seat of their car were rudely interrupted by a group of thugs who chased them out and left them naked in the street.

The scene was captured by a night vision CCTV camera in Brazil on August 17 when the couple pulled up by the roadside to have some intimacy on a quiet street.

The camera shows three shadowy figures approaching the car from the rear on what appears to be a well-lit road.

They force open the car doors, with one of the crooks getting behind the wheel while another gets in on the passenger side.

A desperate arm reaches out from inside the car to try to pull the door closed in vain and keep the robbers out.

Suddenly a shocked couple spring from the passenger door of the car and out into the night air completely naked.

As the third carjacker gets into the passenger seat they just vacated, he thoughtfully tosses the embarrassed pair some items of clothing which fall on the road.

As the stolen car drives away, the lovers can be seen snapping up the clothes. They can then be seen wearing their clothes as they consider what to do next.

The dramatic footage made its way to social media on September 1st even though the camera bears the timestamp of Thursday, August 17.

It is currently unclear if the criminals were apprehended or if the victims, whose identities remain unknown, have filed a complaint with the authorities.

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