Woman burnt to death as traditional worshippers and white garment church clashes

Following a confrontation between followers of traditional religions and followers of the white garment church, Agbado, Ogun State’s residents near the Almaroof bus stop area yesterday were left in disarray.

No one was willing to interrupt their services for the other when the crisis arose, thus it was assumed that those who practiced conventional religions used occult methods to set the church on fire.

According to reports, one of those injured in the fight was a middle-aged nursing mother who is now receiving serious care at a private hospital, leaving a 15-year-old girl named Abisoye Oyinkansola Adekoya—who was reportedly staying in the church—homeless.

The 15 years old girl identified as Abisoye  relocated to the church some years ago after losing her parents.

It was learnt that after the death of her parents, Abisoye  was left with no other option than to be  squatting in the church since there was nowhere else for her to live.

Abisoye, according to a reliable source, will be 16 years in December, 2022.

Sympathisers in the area where the burnt small church was located are now appealing to spirited individuals to come to the rescue of Abisoye by relocating her to a secured place before she became victim of untold agony and security threats.

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