Buhari increases duty tour allowance for ministers, perm secs, civil servant

Duty tour allowances (DTAs) for ministers, permanent secretaries, and public workers at grade levels one to 17 have been increased by order of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Duty tour allowance is the sum that the government pays when a public servant travels on business.

A circular dated August 31, 2022, bearing the signature of Ekpo Nta, Chairman of the National Salaries, Income and Wages Commission, announced the approval of the new allowances.

According to Nta, the new allowances will start on September 1.

The circular reads: “The president of the federal republic of Nigeria has approved the upward review of duty tour allowances applicable to Permanent Secretary/Equivalent from N20,0000 to N70,000, and to minister/SGF/HCSF/Equivalent from N35,000 to N80,000,” the circular reads.

“All enquiries relating to this circular should be directed to the commission.”

A breakdown of the new DTA as contained in the circular is presented below:

• GL 01-04 and its equivalent – N10,000 per diem

• GL 05-06 and its equivalent – N15,000 per diem

• GL 07-10 and its equivalent – N17,500 per diem

• GL 12-13 and its equivalent – N20,000 per diem

• GL 14-15 and its equivalent – N25,000 per diem

• GL 16-17 and its equivalent – N37,500 per diem

• Permanent secretary/equivalent – N70,000 per diem

• Minister/SGF/HCSF/equivalent – N80,000 per diem

In August, the president said there is a need for an urgent salary review in the federal civil service, owing to the high inflation rate across the world.

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