“Was he supposed to leave money?” – Former Communication Minister, Adebayo Shittu faults Peter Obi for leaving behind money for Anambra state after concluding his tenure as governor

Adebayo Shittu, a former minister of communication, has criticized Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labor party, for leaving behind a sizable sum of money after leaving office as the governor of Anambra state.

Shittu claimed in an interview with DailyTrust that since Obi isn’t a “banker,” he has no business saving money for the state. Additionally, he charged the former governor with using public money to finance his own ventures.

”He left behind the government money that he had invested in his private company.

If you talk of somebody leaving money, was he supposed to leave money? Is he a banker or is he a bank? Was the money for safekeeping?”he said

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