Two women attempt to break ‘society standards’ by refusing to shave

By choosing not to shave, two female Twitter users are aiming to defy “social standards.”

In a reflection on their path, @laetiky stated that their choice was influenced by the social messages that your true self is filthy, revolting, and inadequate and that, in order to be accepted, you must submit to grooming procedures that can be uncomfortable, painful, or expensive.

The tweets read; 

Most women can relate to the discomfort it is to have to submit to beauty standards. When society tells you that your natural self is dirty, disgusting, not good enough and that to be accepted you have to submit to grooming rituals that can be discomforting, painful or expensive.

Im not yet where i want to be when it comes to rejecting beauty standards but im slowly getting there. I’ve been able to deconstruct myself on many aspect but the pressure to be “beautiful” still a little bit there.

I had the opportunity to meet Esther, a very inspiring woman and artist. She describes herself as a body hair activist and i was really inspired by her story of self acceptance. She shared with me the journey of how she went from hiding her natural self to how she now embraced it

Two women attempt to break
Two women attempt to break
Two women attempt to break

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