Assassin’s Gun Jams As He Tries To Shoot Argentina’s Vice President At Point Blank Range

Argentina’s vice president has survived an assassination attempt after a gunman pointed a loaded handgun at her head at point-blank range and pulled the trigger but the weapon jammed.

The would-be assassin appeared and pointed the gun at Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, 69, when she came outside her home in Recoleta, Buenos Aires, yesterday evening to a swarm of fans.

Brazilian citizen Fernando Montiel, 35, was arrested after being attacked by security.

Five bullets were placed into a 32-caliber Bersa, but it jammed and was unable to discharge.

The politician was shown in a video posted online smiling as she greeted the supporters; she didn’t even seem to notice the gun was inches from from her face until the trigger was released; she then dove as spectators yelled and the shooter was subdued.

Government officials verified that the suspect had a criminal history of carrying guns.

Her home has been mobbed with protesters and supporters in recent days after she was accused of defrauding the state. Last week she was forced to order demonstrators to scatter after her property was ‘besieged.’ 

Security Minister Aníbal Fernández confirmed the arrest: ‘A person who was identified by those who were close to him who had a gun was detained by security personnel. 

‘They set him aside, found the weapon, and now it must be analyzed.’

Clips of the moment posted on social media show the pistol almost touching Fernández’ face – who was smiling at the crowds before she realized that she was under threat. 

Speaking tonight, President Alberto Fernández said in a speech: ‘Dear Argentine people, shortly after 9pm, a man made an attempt on the life of the vice president of the nation. It is a very serious incident. 

‘It is the most serious that has happened since the recovery of democracy. In front of a massive presence of people, a man pointed a firearm at her head and pulled the trigger. 

‘Cristina remains alive because, for some reason, the weapon that had five bullets did not fire despite having been triggered.’ 

The President added: ‘Such a reality affects the Argentine people and in particular those of us who are her colleagues, who embrace her in solidarity with all our love. 

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