Nosa Rex, an actor, recalls a humorous message he received from a fan pleading for money: “I don’t need food, I want to buy weed.”

Popular Nollywood actor Nosa Rex tweeted a screenshot of the message a fan sent him after sneaking into his direct message to ask for money.

The young man claimed in the message that he has enough food at home and does not need any more, but that he does need money to purchase marijuana.

He claims that he already spent all of his pay on food and that he has no money left over for Igbo, despite the fact that he desperately needs it to get his head cleared.

He continued, “I could have lied to the musician about the reason I need the money, but I opted to be honest with him and begged him to approve my request if God touches his heart.”

Read the message’s content below,

”Greetings boss, much respect to you. Sir please help me with any amount of money so I can buy Igbo. The last money I have, I had to send it to my mom so they can stuck up food in the house.

So I don’t have any other money left to buy Igbo for myself. Boss I can’t come and be telling you lies that I want to use the money for hospital, no sir I’m in good health even my family members.

All I just want from you is money so I can buy Igbo so I can smoke and think straight and at least I can feel some joy, because this adulthood is very depressing and frustrating. Sir I’m not into drugs I only smoke Igbo that’s all.

Food is not the problem Sir, anytime I earn salary I stuck up food stuff but right now I’m broke and what I want to buy first is Igbo so I can clear my head, life e no easy boss. If God touch your heart to help me I’ll appreciate it boss, Thanks boss.”

Nosa shared the screenshot and inquired if he should approve the young man’s plea.

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