“I regret marrying a broke man. I’ll run background checks on my next romantic partner” – Actress Xandy Kamel

The ex-wife of Ghanaian actor Kaninja, Xandy Kamel, has admitted that she is sorry she wed him.

In an interview with Multimedia’s Akosua Amankwaa Tamakloe, Xandy Kamel expressed her remorse at getting married to an unreliable source of income.

Kamel, who asserted that her failed marriage taught her valuable lessons about the permanence of lessons left by transient people, also revealed that she has promised never to get married to a broke guy because the majority of them are ungrateful and really evil.

She said that she was done with struggling men and would conduct background checks to ensure that the next man she married was wealthy.

When questioned about the rumors that she paid for her own wedding, she said she used the money she had saved because she believed Kaninja would make a good husband and a wonderful man in the future, not realizing she was just daydreaming.

The actress also advised poor men who wanted to propose marriage to her to back off because they had already been hurt once.

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