Mass Resignation of Lecturers Hits UNILAG Over ASUU Strike

Due to the federal government’s inadequate management of the Academic Staff Union of Universities’ (ASUU) ongoing strike, the University of Lagos (UNILAG) is outpacing other public tertiary institutions in terms of the number of professors quitting their positions.

In a recent interview with Arise Television, Dele Ashiru, the chairman of the UNILAG ASUU chapter, revealed that roughly 70% of the school’s top academics had left their positions.

Ashiru emphasized in his address how rude and callous the federal government’s attitude is toward university academics.

“The impact of the government’s insensitivity and deployment of the weapon of hunger might not be immediately known until after the strike. As I speak with you, more than 70% of bright and promising young academics retained by the university through mentorship have all left the country for greener pastures due to the poor conditions of service in Nigeria.

“Those that are left are on the verge of leaving. No government in the history of Nigeria has been so insensitive, brash, and disrespectful of the best brains in the country. This is unfortunate and a shame,’’ he said.

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