After conversing with a fraudster who sent her airtime, the woman describes how she nearly fainted.

A woman from Nigeria has turned to social media to warn others about the new approach scammers are using to extort gullible victims.

In a video that is presently going viral online, a young woman stated that she received a call indicating that airtime had been given to her phone number.

The caller claimed that he had transferred the airtime to her accidentally while intending to send it to someone else.

If the airtime reached her, she vowed not to use it. She claimed that the odd man did indeed phone her again once the airtime had arrived.

Shortly after, the man called her back to thank her and say that his father wanted to speak with her. After some difficulty, she allegedly made the decision to speak with the aforementioned father, who thanked her and then started probing her for personal information.

She alleged that when she started to feel uneasy, she attempted to interrupt the conversation but the man persisted.

She said that she couldn’t speak after the call because she lost her voice.

“He said My daughter I didn’t know people like you still exist. May God bless you. I said Amen. He said ‘From Grass to Grass’. I didn’t even hear it. It was my sister who heard it and said ‘God forbid’. He continued and asked me what is my name. I told him it doesn’t matter. He asked me where do I stay. I lied to him that I stay in Lagos. He said okay what do I do? I said does it matter? You have thanked me..I ended the call. Immediately I ended the call I didn’t get myself again. It is as if I wanted to vomit something. From there I lost my voice.” She explained.

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