Actress Abiola Segun Williams writes, “I am traumatized,” after encountering a woman in a supermarket with her breasts fully exposed.

Abiola Segun Williams, a Nollywood actress, has criticized women who expose their breasts in the name of fashion.

The actress described how she went to a supermarket last night and saw a young woman with her boobs on full view in an Instagram picture published on Wednesday, August 31.

She claimed that the sight had traumatized her.

Read what she said below;

“I was at a supermarket last night on my way home for a quick buy and as I walked my way to the till, i saw two young ladies walk in. Both very young ladies. One was very light skin and her breasts were on full public display. As in complete full glare.

I don’t know why this still bothers me considering this is all over the place but the innocence of her face and the state of her mammary glands were just so disruptive.

How is this even tasteful in any way? How? I felt harassed by her exposure. I had to keep deliberately looking away to avoid all the questions running around my head.

For such a young girl the breasts she was exposing were not well girded as such they weren’t just firm. Then I am wondering so why do your self this disservice. I am traumatised honestly. I still dont get this craze for exposure. Why? Why? Why? Why?!!!”

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