A 41-year-old woman reveals she’s trying to get pregnant for her 74-year-old husband despite the age differences

Despite having a 33-year age difference, Shannon Quinn, 41, and her husband Stephen, 74, of Newport, Wales, claim they are in love and trying for a child.

2014 saw the couple cross paths at the elementary school that Shannon worked at and Stephen’s kids attended. After a brief courtship, the two are still deeply in love now, nine years later.

Shannon remarked, “Stephen and I fell in love the moment we laid eyes on one other, and he claims the same thing happened when he saw me.”

?41-year-old woman reveals she?s trying for a baby with her 74-year-old husband

‘His sexy smile, kind nature, blue eyes, and the way he embraced me the first time we met, made me fall head over heels.’ ‘We have a magical relationship, and we don’t care about people who judge us.

‘People always think Stephen’s my dad or my kids’ grandad when we are all out together, but we just totally ignore it.’ she added

?41-year-old woman reveals she?s trying for a baby with her 74-year-old husband

According to Shannon, her family are supportive; ‘He’s only three years younger than my mum and four years younger than my dad. They get on amazingly, so it’s worked out perfectly.’ she said

Despite Stephen’s old age, the couple want to add a new baby to their family,even though they have already been turned down for IVF by the UK’s NHS.

?41-year-old woman reveals she?s trying for a baby with her 74-year-old husband

Shannon said: ‘I would love to have a baby with Stephen. Unfortunately I had to undergo chemotherapy in 2014 for breast cancer.

‘I’m taking my chances though, and I’ve refused to take the after-treatment drug, Tamoxifen, because it brings on early menopause and then I’d not be able to fall pregnant.

‘We’ve already been turned down by the NHS for IVF because we both already have two kids each, but I find this so unfair because we want a family together.’

Shannon says she ‘genuinely needs the help of IVF’ but hasn’t been taking contraception in the hopes she’ll naturally fall pregnant.

‘It’s our dream,’ she added.

Shannon says the only challenge that comes with their age gap relationship is Stephen being able to keep up with her high libido.

The mum continued: ‘My kids weren’t bothered by my relationship with Stephen, they love him like their own father.

‘His kids also love me. We’re like one big happy family.

‘I already had a relationship with his children because they went to the primary school I worked at. They’ve grown up around me and we have an amazing dynamic.

‘It doesn’t matter about age, it’s what’s in the heart that matters. He is my one true love and best friend.

‘We spend all day, every day together and we never get bored or fed up.

‘If anything happened to Stephen, I wouldn’t bother trying to find another relationship because nothing would compare to this.’


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