Laughable but endearing description of how a woman met a man at a traffic light: “I ended up shouting my number from my car.”

A woman recalled the most common, yet endearing, and humorous, way she met a man to whom she ultimately gave her contact information.

The woman, who goes under the handle @msfizzy on Twitter, claims that she was stuck in traffic at a stop light while the song “Electricity” played loudly on her speakers and she sang along.

She started singing the song, and the guy in the car next to her at the light started singing along with her.

The woman said they had the funniest chat ever after that and that she had to shout her phone number from her car so they could get in touch later.

Additionally, she posted a screenshot of the guy messaging her later while still talking about their prior encounter at the stop light.

She wrote “And thus it begins” as the caption, possibly alluded to as the first chapter of their love affair.

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