In the midst of a failed marriage, Queen Naomi’s sister reminds her that, “No woman deserves 1% of what you went through.”

Queen Naomi, the estranged spouse of the Ooni of Ife, has hinted at her sister’s marital difficulties in a statement made by Simi.

Remember that Queen Naomi, also known as the Ooni of Ife, declared her separation from her husband, Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi, in December 2021?

She said that she had made every effort to persevere and keep their marriage together, adding that she had kept a smile on despite the hardship, but that she was now done.

Additionally, she commanded her family members to stop referring to her as the Queen of Ile-Ife or using the terms “Ooni” or “Ife.” The palace, though, insisted that the royal pair was still wed.

In a recent development, the 29-year-old Olori discussed how challenging it is for women to leave an abusive marriage on her Instagram page on Thursday, August 29 2022.

Read her post below,

 Queen Naomi's sister tells

Her sister Simi responded to the post by saying that no woman should go through even a small portion of what she did and is currently going through.

She continued by saying that Queen Naomi had endured enough and that it was time to “wake the sleeping dog.”

She wrote in the remark column.

“No woman deserves 1% of what you went through, you have really tried and enough is enough!! It’s about time the sleeping dog wakes!!!”

In response, Queen Naomi wrote below;

“It will be a rude awakening you know when I am pushed I will rather die… thank you all for standing by me through this very difficult period, they don’t know what’s going on but God will be faithful”

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