Day 37 Breaking News: Amaka Evicted Immediately From BBNaijaS7 House

Amaka is the 8th Housemate to be Evicted from the Level Up House.

“I knew it, I knew it,” an evidently distraught Amaka mumbled as she paced around the lounge after being told to leave the Big Brother Level Up House immediately.

She and the rest of the Housemates paused for a moment before it dawned that Big Brother was not joking. With a total of six Nominations, Amaka became the next Hosuemate to Evicted from the Game, missing out on a chance of vying rom the highly coveted Grand Prize of a N100m worth of prizes.

Just after Dotun was cowned Head of House, it was Nominations as usual – not! One by one as the Housemates awaited for Big Brother’s cue to Nominate, they were informed that the Nominations were special and as they were digesting that, they each had to Nominate two Housemates that they would like to see Evicted tonight, no reasons whatsoever.

Some popped their eyes while others had no issues pulling the trigger on anyone who’s on their way of bagging the Grand Prize.

Social media went wild as this was totally unexpected.

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