A struggling dad was astonished to discover that his son was never accepted into a medical school after spending seven years and millions of dollars on tuition.

After learning that his son, whom he had been funding in medical school for 7 years, was never enrolled, a struggling father was devastated.

The story was relayed on Twitter by @MrMekzy_, who claimed that his uncle’s kid had been stealing money from the family while feigning enrollment in medical school.

Until it was recently discovered that he had never been enrolled in school, the youngster, according to him, successfully maintained this lie for seven years while receiving support from his father in the form of school supplies, food, and money for maintenance.

Mr. Mekzy claims that the distraught father ordered his son to leave the house right now and never come back.

Below is a link to the whole story as provided by @MrMekzy_.

“My uncle has been paying his son’s school fees to study medicine in a private uni for 7 good years and he had no idea that he wasn’t in school all these while. The boy rented an apartment in PH and was squandering millions of naira. He just found out and he’s so heartbroken.

The boy was collecting school fees, pocket money and his mother was sending him a “ghana bag” filled with provisions and food stuff all the way from kaduna for 7 good years. He’ll go home occasionally and tell them thats school is on break, after 3 weeks he’ll return to ph. Omo!

He has told the boy to leave his house and never come back because if he sets his eyes on him, he’ll off him and go to prison. Him mother has sent him to go and stay with her relatives.”

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