Villagers Burn Kidnapper Alive For Murdering 11-year-old Boy Guatemala

After three kidnappers in Guatemala kidnapped and killed an 11-year-old boy, locals forcibly removed them from a police station and burned them alive.

In the western city of Colotonango, three alleged kidnappers, Ovidio Mendez, 24, Selvin Perez, 24, and 38-year-old Samuel Godinez, were found dead.

The suspects kidnapped Freddy Méndez on August 12 and demanded a $19,500 ransom in return for his release, according to Guatemala’s national police.

The three culprits were apprehended by outraged locals on Monday, who then handed them over to law enforcement.

After the mob attacked the police station and overpowered the cops, one of the suspects was transported forcibly to a woodland location.

He confirmed that Freddy Méndez had been shot in the head, dumped in a pit, beaten, had gasoline poured over him, and had finally been set ablaze.

The amount of people who arrived overwhelmed the police officers in the station, and the enraged intruders dragged all three men outside before beating and setting them on fire.

The abductors emailed Freddy Méndez’s family a picture of one of the suspects carrying a shotgun and the kidnapped boy by his side as evidence that he was still alive.

The family paid the ransom after that, but the boy was never given back.

The three culprits were taken into custody by outraged locals on Monday and turned over to law enforcement.

A other gang, however, assaulted the police station, overwhelmed the officers, and forcibly removed one of the guys into a wooded location after becoming enraged by the devastation.

When it was established that Freddy Méndez had died from a gunshot wound to the head and had been buried in a well, they beat him, doused his body with gasoline, and eventually set him on fire.

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