Beautiful Bride adored online after she opted to go ‘Natural’ on her wedding day

A bride going by the name Beaula has been praised on social media after a video of her wedding in which she was wearing minimal makeup went viral.

On their special day, brides typically go all out and use “heavy makeup,” but Beaula opted for a more natural look, which received positive feedback on social media.

The footage was posted on the Instagram page of an ushering and event organizing company.

Some conclusions from netizens ;

baudex wrote – If my future wife go do this I would be very happy, which one someone can not kiss his wife anyhow, On one of their most happiest day of their lives.
Biko Oyinbo wey we copy their culture dey do whit wedding dey kiss kiss o on their wedding day o

dee_or_ayo wrote – Omo Her skin is skining so I respect her choice

ellah_godwin wrote – I love her courage. She’s beautiful s she has that luxury
 no be person like me wan go all natural for a whole wedding

joezy_official wrote – I pray my future wife does this sha..

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