Lady Beaten By Her Abusive Boyfriend May Never See Again After Suffering Brain Damage

A young woman from Kenya who was abused by her lover has suffered severe brain damage as a result of the abuse. She could lose track of her.

On July 18, Joyce Wanjiru, the victim, went to see her boyfriend at Soweto Village in Kahawa West, but he turned on her.

He severely thrashed her, knocking her out.

The following day, her family was contacted to come pick her up and take her to the hospital.

She was sent urgently to the ICU at Kenyatta National Hospital.

She has spent over a month fighting for her life in the ICU.

On Tuesday, once things got better for her, she was transferred to the HDU.

She may never see again because of the severe damage to her brain.

Her abusive boyfriend is reportedly a well-known ‘Kamagera’ in Kahawa West. He is yet to be arrested even after the matter was reported to the police.

He previously assaulted her when she was pregnant, leading to the death of her unborn baby.

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