How Pastor Jerry Eze Became One of The Biggest Nigerian Pastors On YouTube – CNN

Pastor Jerry Eze is a man of God with Nigerian ancestry. One of the most influential international media organizations, CNN, has recognized Pastor Eze as a prayer warrior and a religious leader with significant global influence.

At a time when the globe was struggling with Covid-19 and a global lockdown, Pastor Jerry launched a prayer program on his YouTube account.

Christians from all over the world were compelled to join Pastor Eze on his YouTube channel at seven in the morning, Nigerian time, to watch his fervent prayer session and be blessed by it.

According to the analytics website Playboard, which compiles data, Eze’s daily broadcasts rank among the most viewed globally on YouTube with more than 90,000 peak concurrent viewers.

His YouTube platform also ranks second among gospel channels with the most live viewers worldwide behind Brazilian preacher Bruno Leonardo.

His self-named YouTube channel has over 880,000 subscribers as of this and his broadcasts have garnered more than 122 million views over a three-year period, according to figures from his channel.

Pastor Jerry Eze is a convener of the New Season Prophetic Prayers and Lead Pastor at Streams of Joy International. He is a strong believer that “What God Cannot Do, Does Not Exist”, little wonder lots of people all over the world share amazing testimonies while engaging with him on YouTube.

The 40-year-old preacher and prayer warrior was born on August 22, 1982 in Bende Local Government area of Abia State. He was raised by a petty-trader single mother and his education was funded by a couple who were in love with active participation in church activities in his younger age.

Pastor Eze’s success on YouTube has placed Nigeria on the map of countries with the successful preacher on YouTube.

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