Actor Jim Beaver files for divorce from his wife of three years Sarah Spiegel citing irreconcilable differences

Jim Beaver, an American actor, and Sarah Spiegel, his wife, are divorcing.

According to TMZ, the 72-year-old celebrity has requested a divorce from his wife of three years, age 36.

Jim has put August 14 as the date of separation in the court records that the media outlet was able to get, indicating that he moved quickly to file for divorce. He claimed their breakup as being caused by “irreconcilable disputes.”

In September 2016, they started dating, and in May 2018, they became engaged.

While they were on vacation in Paris, Jim proposed, and they were married in June 2019 just over a year later.

Jim and Sarah do not have any children together. Beaver is asking to put an end to the court’s ability to provide any of them spousal support

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