After his wife refused to perform his “bed responsibilities,” he made light of the situation by saying, “I own you and I can use you 10 times in a day.”

A woman from Nigeria posted a video of her husband’s response to her refusal to have sex with him on social media.

In the video, the man made light-hearted remarks about how she is now his property because he paid her entire bridal price, therefore she must be willing to have sex with him whenever he wants.

He displayed the lengthy list of supplies he was required to bring for their customary wedding ceremony and noted that he had purchased each and every item on the list and owed no one any money.

He continued by saying that he was forced to pay for seven departments at their wedding, and he did it cheerfully and without hesitation in order to force her to fulfill his will.

He claims to own her and has the right to choose to have ten sexual encounters with her in a single day.

Read his post below;

“I did not owe anybody one dime in this list. Can you see the list? About seven departments collected money from my hand just to marry you and you are telling me you will not go six rounds. I am sorry for you.

I settled all the departments in your village so it means I own you Nne. I can use you ten times a day”,

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