Bandits chop off man’s hands in Zamfara

One Malam Bisallah had both of his hands amputated by thieves in the Zamfara State village of Wadu Kauran, Kaura Namoda Local Government Area.

At the time this report was filed, the incident’s specifics were still hazy, but witnesses claimed that the bandits raided the community and stole cows, sheep, and other livestock.

Malam Bisallah challenged the gunman when they subsequently came to steal chicks because he could no longer stand the horror.

“What would you like? What kind of suffering are you causing us? “He addressed the thieves. “Why are you torturing us like this? What did we wrong you, exactly?”

The thieves seized him and hacked off his hands after becoming enraged. Additionally, it was said that they killed a few civilians during the assault.

The victim is currently admitted at Kaura Namoda General Hospital

Bandits chop off man
Bandits chop off man
Bandits chop off man
Bandits chop off man

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