17-year-old Boy Becomes Youngest Pilot To Fly Around The World Solo (Photos)

Mack Rutherford, a 17 year old teenager has become the become the youngest person to fly solo around the world in a small aircraft.

After traveling for five months through 52 countries, Mack Rutherford finally touched down in Sofia, Bulgaria. He crossed two seas, traveled through Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States, and his plane landed in Scotland’s Wick before taking off from London’s Biggin Hill Airport earlier this week.

Mack, a British-Belgian who made the journey, ran into sandstorms in Sudan and spent the night on an empty Pacific island.

On Wednesday, August 24, after accomplishing the accomplishment, Mack urged others to “follow your aspirations, no matter how old you are.”

To accomplish your goals, “work hard and move forward,” he advised.

British pilot Travis Ludlow, who was 18 when he finished his journey last year, held the previous record for solo flight.

Zara, Mack’s older sister, is the youngest person to travel solo.

She revealed that she had “offered him advise on the road” and traveled to meet Mack when he arrived back at the starting site of his trip after completing her own trek in January of this year.

With the feat he has now broken two Guinness World Records – becoming the youngest person to fly around the world solo, as well as the youngest to circumnavigate the globe in a microlight plane.

The teenager flew a Shark – a high-performance ultralight aircraft which can hit a cruising speed of around 186mph (300km/h).

His sister Zara said that she was “constantly” trying to keep in touch and assist her brother while he was in the air.

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