Woman recounts how she became her Yoruba boyfriend’s “sister.”

A woman in the UK described how she came to learn that her Yoruba lover, who had duped her into believing they were siblings, had a second girlfriend living in their home.

In a now-viral video, the young woman said she met the man while working as a waitress in Birmingham. She claimed that the reason she fell in love with him was that he met all the criteria—he was caring and even encouraged her to get married.

She claims that after some time of dating, they moved in together, but she soon began to notice some warning signs. She observed that while her lover, who claimed to be a financial expert, never helped her out financially, she would typically give him money from what she earned.

He advised her to start acting like his sister after they moved in together because the caretaker was going to raise the rent due to the fact that there were now two occupants.

She agreed and gave a perfect performance, only to learn later that the man had duped her into taking on the role of his sister because he was seeing another lady who lived in the same apartment complex.

Users of social media reacted to the video in a flurry.

See a few remarks below.

@brawnie5 wrote,

“No mind us naso we Dey see rainbow flags but we no Dey ever pay attention.  when you are in love you no go ever seen front until it’s over. Been there done that and I can’t promise it won’t happen again”.


“This thing called breakfast is going round in different forms She calls me brother I call her sister too , some men na handmade by the devil, proudly brought to you by hell fire”.

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