UK Govt in talks with Nigeria to receive migrants rejected for asylum in the UK

Nigeria is one of five additional African nations apparently in “advanced talks” with the UK government about an agreement akin to the one with Rwanda.

The UK-Rwanda agreement aims to expel unauthorized immigrants from the UK so that their asylum applications can be processed outside of Europe.

The UK government is currently in talks with Morocco, Nigeria, Namibia, Niger, and Ghana about accepting migrants who applied for asylum in the UK but were denied, according to The Times.

This comes after 25 boats were stopped on Monday by Border Force and the Royal Navy and escorted into Dover and Dungeness in the morning. In the afternoon, hundreds more migrants were brought ashore amid a large number of migrants crossing the Channel to the UK.

According to reports, as many as 1,000 people may have arrived yesterday, after three days without crossings.

August is set to become a record month for the year with around 6,000 migrants having crossed the Channel so far, The Telegraph reports.

The highest ever total in a month is 6,878 in November. And yesterday the yearly total reached 21,000. The total did not pass 20,000 until November in 2021.

It was also revealed that the Foreign Office has been taking up the task of establishing a list of countries interested in agreeing on a Rwanda-style deal.

An initial list of 20 countries was quickly reduced when ambassadors warned that seeking such agreements would damage relations.

Albania, North Macedonia, and Moldova were on the initial list but were removed following the negative media coverage.

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