Owami Davies: Missing student nurse located safe and sound.

After a seven-week police hunt, missing student nurse Owami Davies has been located safe and sound.

The 24-year-old, who went missing on July 4, was found today in Hampshire, according to police, and she appeared healthy and well-cared for.

After seeing media requests for information, a member of the public called the police around 10.30am, which led to the finding.

Detective Chief Inspector Nigel Penney, of the Met Police specialist crime unit, said: “This is the outcome we were all hoping and praying for. My team have been working around to clock to find Owami and we are immensely relieved she has been found.”

Ms. Davies has communicated with her family, who were notified that she had been located.

Mr. Penney and Mr. Brogden both expressed their “ecstasy” at the case’s resolution, and the Met Commander said, “More importantly, I’m happy for Owami’s mother and her brother.”

Five people who were detained on Tuesday – two on suspicion of murder and three on suspicion of kidnapping – are still free on police bail, according to officers,.

According to the police, there is no proof that Ms. Davies was harmed in any way.

Officers will now speak with Ms. Davies, Mr. Penney added, in an effort to determine what caused her absence.

Owami will be spoken to and we’ll try to fathom reasons as to how she disappeared, why she disappeared, and if there was any concern around the days and weeks while she was disappeared for us to be concerned about,” he said.

In order to “ensure they have done correctly and to identify any ways to enhance their response to discovering other missing people,” Met Police Commander Paul Brogden said the Met Police and Essex Police will now conduct an assessment of their actions from the moment Owami was initially reported missing.

It comes in response to criticism of how the inquiry was handled, which included concerns about how the two forces handled Ms. Davies’ disappearance and questions about why police released the wrong woman’s picture in their hunt for her.

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