24-year-old Canadian Based Nurse Dies While Doing Facebook Livestream In Swimming Pool

A 24-year-old Canada-based nurse, Helen Wendy, has been drowned in a swimming pool while conducting a live stream video for her followers on Facebook.

According to reports, Helen was successfully swimming for the first 10 minutes under water to the applaud of her audience. However, at about 10:33 minutes into the live stream, Helen was seen gasping for air, making some gurgling sounds and kicking helplessly inside the pool.

But being that her audience are on social media, no one was able to reach out to her. Reports according to bbc.com revealed that she made the last sound at exactly 11:54 minutes into the live stream before her video sound went silent and the water became calm. Her lifeless body was discovered 3 hours later.

Helen is the first daughter and breadwinner of her family in Suneka, Kenya. She travelled to Canada in October 2018 after she finished high school. Her father is a retired teacher who revealed that he sold his properties to raise money for Helen’s relocation.

Her father, John Oanda went further to disclose that Helen was the pillar holding the family as they live by what she sends across to them. She had also helped her younger brother relocate, enrolled him in school and is paying his school fees. All these have left her family shattered and in deep pain.

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