US police officers suspended after savage beating of suspect caught on video

Following the release of a video showing a defendant being brutally beaten during an arrest, three US police officers have been placed on administrative leave.

In the video, one cop can be seen striking the guy in the head as another repeatedly drives his knee into his lower body. The suspect was put down on the ground by a third officer.

A bystander’s video captured one of the officers lifting the man’s head off the ground and slamming it back down onto the concrete.

The organizations verified on Sunday that two of the policemen are deputies with the Crawford County Sheriff’s Office and the third is an officer with the Mulberry Police Department in Arkansas.

All three have been suspended from work until an inquiry is conducted.

A female bystander can be heard shouting at the officers: “Don’t beat him! He needs his medicine!”

One officer replied: “Back the f–k up!” while another orders her to get in her car.

The altercation occurred outside a convenience shop in Mulberry, a city in Arkansas.

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