Slay queen, Teju Pretty beaten and stripped naked for allegedly declining to refund N150k debt since 2020

Controversial Instagram star Teju Pretty has allegedly been tortured and humiliated for refusing to repay a debt of N150k to hairdresser Rhiks hair.

Rhiks, who used Snapchat to explain how the situation came to be, claimed that in 2020 she gave N800k to Teju by accident because Teju was an influencer for her company at the time.

She claimed to have phoned Teju to request a refund because the money was intended for her attorney, but she persisted in making excuses and eventually managed to return N650k.

Even after she asked for the remaining N150k several times, Teju allegedly refused to refund it. Teju is also accused of acting rudely toward her and berating her for “disturbing her peace” over the N150k.

Rhiks made the decision to take matters into her own hands and, after luring Teju to a place, confronted, battered, and stripped Teju in retaliation for not returning her money.

Read Rhik’s side of the story below,

Read Rhik’s side of the story below,

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