Police rescued one of the ‘Fake Bishops’ who attended APC Vice Presidential candidate, Kashim Shettima’s unveiling ceremony from an angry mob at Abuja market

According to the FCT police command, one of the “Bishops” who accompanied APC Vice Presidential candidate Kashim Shettima was saved from a crowd at an Abuja market.

Over the weekend, a video of the purported cleric being pulled from the market went viral. In the background, several individuals could be heard calling the man a “fake bishop” and stating, “This is one of the so-called bishops Tinubu used.”

DSP Josephine Adeh, the Federal Capital Territory’s (FCT) Officers Public Relations Officer, who confirmed the event, described how the police freed the “cleric” and led him out of Abuja’s Dei-Dei International Building Materials Market.

Bishop Hilary C. Okafoh of Madalla, Niger State, was named by her as the man. According to Daily Trust Adeh stated

“Not knowing how far this will go, and to preserve his fundamental human rights. The police swung into action and saved him from further embarrassment.” 

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