Lady who told to abroad husband about her adultery, cries out as he requests divorce

After her husband, who is based overseas, demanded a divorce due to her infidelity, the woman screamed out for aid.

She claims that the young man has been away from home for more than two years. When she asked him to engage in video sex, he refused.

After he declined, she became lonely and “mistakenly” had a relationship with another man. Her husband is now requesting a divorce.

 Read her post below:

“Please beg my husband, I’m gradually losing my marriage. I’m at the verge of losing my marriage.

My husband has been abroad for 3 years and April 2022 I begged him for us to initiate video s*x and other stuff while doing video call. He said no, he declined. His reason is that he doesn’t want to be m@sturbating.

So one month later I mistakenly sl€pt with another man but I love my husband. So, I confessed to him that I sl€pt with another man now he wants to end the marriage.”

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