“My Husband Used To Bring Women Home, Undress Them And Force Me To Tell Them They Are Beautiful Than Me” – Woman Cries Out

Teresiah has painstakingly described how her husband humiliated her in front of women he invited to their home after she was injured in an accident and was unable to take care of herself.

She may be forced to tell a lady that she was more attractive than her by him bringing ladies undressed before her and her young kid.

She was raised in Narok where she was born and raised before moving to Nairobi. Her father passed away while she was a little child, therefore she never went to school. Their only meal would be provided by her mother.

When she was 13 years old, she went to see her friend one day. Before she knew it, 8 o’clock had arrived. Because of how cruel her mother was, she was terrified to return home.

Her friend requested her to sleep over, and her friend’s brother took advantage of her and raped her and she agreed to get married because she was afraid of her mother. Her husband was using drugs and drinking alcohol. She got pregnant and delivered their firstborn child. She used to do manual jobs like washing clothes.

One day she was involved in an accident that left her spine and two legs injured. After being hospitalized for a month she went back home. Her husband had completely changed.

He would bring women into the house while drunk. They would both undress in front of her and her 5-year-old son and tell her to tell the woman is more beautiful than herself. Whenever she refused, he could beat her up mercilessly.

He later abandoned them and went to live with another woman. The neighbors helped her until she got healed and started washing people’s clothes while seated due to her spine. She has requested couples to respect each other and stop hurting each other emotionally

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