Many pastors were strong men in cult – Man worries over how Mercy Chinwo’s hubby and Banky W greet like cultists

Concerns have been expressed concerning Mercy Chinwo’s spouse, Pastor Blessed Uzochikwa, by a fan who goes by the name Assam Unwana on Facebook.

Assam was taken aback by how the revered men greeted one another at their wedding, where singer Banky W served as Pastor Blessed’s best man.

Assam charged the two men with greeting each other in a cult-like manner both in public and on the occasion of Pastor Blessed’s wedding.

He implied that Mercy Chinwo’s husband might be a member of fraternity groups and questioned his role as a pastor.

According to him: “Haven’t we seen, heard, or known of many pastors in Nigeria, Akwa Ibom state being devoted members of secret cults who still “Claw/anchor” themselves in events?”

He also noted that being a pastor is not a great deal today: “Anyone can become a pastor, and some already have, including cultists, assassins, kidnappers, drug lords, criminals, Yahoo boys, politicians, witches, native doctors, and pagans.”

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