Lady sobs, “I don’t even feel protected anymore,” after her “gateman” declared his unending love for her.

A woman from Nigeria posted on social media about the messages she received from her gateman.

The gateman must be madly in love with this woman because he mustered the bravery to tell her how much he genuinely wants her to be his girl.

I am intensely drawn to anything involving you, and I can’t help but think about you day and night.

I’ve tried to push the concept out of my head, but the more I try, the deeper it sinks.

He wrote, “My life without you is like the coordinates of a quadractic turning point.

The woman initially believed he was joking, but once he persuaded her he was serious, she firmly rejected his proposal.

She claimed she no longer feels safe as a result of her gateman wooing her while uploading screenshots of the messages on her Twitter page.

The screenshots she provided are shown below;

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