No matter how upset you are, don’t threaten your partner with break up unless you mean it – Actor Kenneth Okonkwo

No matter how angry a person is about their relationship, according to actor Kenneth Okonkwo, they should not threaten to end it if they do not mean it.

In his opinion, couples should not discuss the possibility of starting a breakup when they are angry. Instead, they should concentrate on what made them angry.

His post reads;

”No matter how upset you are, don’t threaten your partner with a break up unless you mean it. Focus your anger on what they’ve done without bringing up the threat of a break up. No relationship is without its ups and downs. Don’t let anyone deceive you. You will quarrel and you will fight. You will have sad days; you will disagree some days and not find a common ground over some issues. Compromises don’t always happen. These are normal things in a healthy relationship.

The key to a lasting relationship is being with someone you can actually communicate your feelings to and have a solutions-based approach towards conversations; someone who doesn’t just communicates, but reciprocates the energy you give to them. Someone who always bares their mind and accumulate pent-up anger. Someone who forgives easily and reverts to their default factory mode of playing and laughing. This is the key.

Good morning beloved fans”

No matter how upset you are, don

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