‘I’m getting f****d tonight’ – Woman who claims she was raped three times by Benjamin Mendy in locked room ‘messaged friend’, court hears

A woman who accused Manchester City player Benjamin Mendy of sexually assaulting her three times sent a buddy a message that same night that read, “I’m being f* tonight,” a court heard today.

The 20-year-old lady allegedly informed her friends in another message: “If I ever get pregnant, it’s going to be tonight,” the footballer’s attorneys told the jury.

During cross-examination, Eleanor Laws, QC, the lawyer for the 28-year-old French international, argued that the woman and the football player had consensual intercourse.

Additionally, they asserted that the lady had lied when she said that the £52 million defender boasted of having slept with “10,000 women” during the alleged rape.

At Chester Crown Court, Mendy is on trial for eight counts of rape, one act of attempted rape, and one count of assault relating to seven different victims. He denies the allegations.

Today the woman, giving a graphic testimony, told the jury how Mendy used a ‘fingerprint touchscreen’ to lock her in a bedroom before raping her. 

She told the court the star acted like it was a ‘privilege’ to be raped by him, that he boasted about sleeping with thousands of woman as he carried out the sex attack and told her: ‘Don’t tell anyone and you can come over every night’.

But in cross-examination, Mendy’s barrister asked if the woman was lying about the incident, which is alleged to have taken place at Mendy’s £3million Cheshire mansion.

The woman insisted: ‘Absolutely not. He said I was shy, that’s when he said about sleeping with 10,000 women. 

‘I’m certain. It’s in high definition in my mind. It’s the most traumatic thing that’s happened to me.’

Asked about the impact of the alleged attack, she said: ‘The hardest thing is how many times I said no, it makes me upset. I felt petrified after it happened.’ 

On the fourth day of the trial, the court heard how the woman had followed the French international into his room after he allegedly snatched her phone from her hands.

She told the court that once inside, Mendy closed the door to the bedroom – which she claimed was fitted with a special locks and could only be entered using fingerprint technology. 

She told jurors that after telling Mendy she did not want to have sex with him, he replied: ‘The door is locked anyway’. 

The woman provided details of Mendy’s bedroom, claiming that it was lined with wood, had an en suite bathroom and a large bed which had a blue and gold Versace pillow.

She said that Mendy was dressed in chocolate-coloured trousers, a black top and was wearing three diamante chains around his neck.

Giving evidence in the trial, she said: ‘He (Mendy) took my mobile phone off me and I followed him up two flights of stairs to try and get it back.

‘I was saying ‘that’s my phone, I want it back.’ He was going through it looking at private pictures of me that I’ve sent before.

‘He saw pictures of my bum and was saying how much he liked it and he also said he liked my t**s.’ 

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